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Are you a brick and mortar business who needs a strong presence in your city or county? Local search and social marketing has become more targeted with completely different strategies than national campaigns. Search engines are creating more space for local business with new and innovative features for local listings, however they are always changing and updating. iMoxie keeps ups to date with the latest strategies and search engine updates to make sure your business is always in compliance and in the forefront.

National Search & Social Marketing

National and worldwide search and social marketing is a completely different animal! For those of you with an online business who depends on a national or worldwide audience, iMoxie has years of experience with not only search engines in the US but also Canada and the UK. Give us a call to find out more!



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About iMoxie

iMoxie Digital Marketing is a results-driven internet marketing company located in Winston-Salem, NC and was founded by Lisa Cintron an 8 year online marketing veteran. We are seasoned marketers who are grounded realist, eagle-eyed strategist and persistent technicians. Expect us to dig deep and be zealously involved in the strategic planning and execution of your online marketing efforts.

We have a passion to understand your business and where you want to take it. Our engagement starts and ends with results whether it be more leads, sales, phone calls, e-mail subscribers, or traffic. At the end of the day, we want to provide you with the best customer service coupled with the positive results that we have generated for our clients in the past.

About Lisa Cintron

Lisa Cintron is Social SEO expert, professional blogger, published author. She was an SEO expert when she realized social media was increasingly making an impact on search engine optimization, eventually she focused just as much time on social as she did on SEO with phenomenal results. Her philosophy is not so much that SEO is dead, but that the focus on search marketing has to be more holistic and incorporate all aspects of online marketing to reach top rankings. Hence her own version of social SEO was born with great success!

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